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LENZ Therapeutics
LENZ Therapeutics is a late-stage clinical company developing innovative ophthalmic pharmaceutical products that improve vision.  Our lead program is an aceclidine based eye drop designed to restore the loss of near vision associated with presbyopia.

Presbyopia is the gradual and inevitable loss of near vision
Research shows adults over 45 lose on average 1.5 lines of near vision every 6 years1
Most of us first start to notice this as…
  • We hold our phones farther from our eyes
  • Have difficulty reading a menu in a dimly lit restaurant

The first and only aceclidine-based eye drop with potential of providing all day seamless vision for the vast majority of presbyopes
Phase 3
  • Made possible by aceclidine, our novel active ingredient
  • Quickly achieved near vision for on demand needs with a long duration*
  • No impact on distance vision in standard and night conditions*
  • Potential for broadest target patient population
*Based on Phase 2 study

The Only Pupil Selective Miotic
Aceclidine is the active and new chemical entity in our lead drug
  • Unique mode of action
  • Targets iris sphincter for pinhole effect
  • Predominantly avoids ciliary stimulation preventing unwanted refractive errors
LENZ Therapeutics
LENZ Therapeutics LNZ101 and LNZ100 Phase 3 Timeline
LENZ Provides Phase 3 Timing Guidance
LENZ Therapeutics provided Phase 3 timing and formulation guidance for LNZ100 and LNZ101. LNZ100 is a 1.75% Aceclidine based eye drop while LNZ101 is a 1.75% Aceclidine based eye drop with Brimonidine. Both use LENZ's proprietary preservative free vehicle matrix to maximize comfort, efficacy and bioavailability.