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AAO 2021 New Orleans
LENZ Therapeutics to attend AAO 2021

Join us at AAO in New Orleans November 12th to 15th

LENZ Therapeutics is excited to be attending the American Optometry 2021 meeting.


Presentation Details

Presbyopia: Aceclidine and Its Unique MOA

Presbyopia impacts over 120 million people in the US and the market is preparing for the arrival of pharmaceutical eye drop solutions to treat this inevitable condition. Due to the lack of an optimal existing solution for patients, multiple companies are in clinical trials pursuing a pharmaceutical solution for presbyopia. Dr. Marc Odrich and Eef Schimmelpennink will discuss the progress of LENZ Therapeutics’ novel and lead drug candidate, Aceclidine. Aceclidine will be a New Chemical Entity for the US and has a unique method of action (MOA) that targets the iris sphincter to create a pinhole pupil while avoiding the ciliary muscle to reduce a myopic shift and other side effects. In addition to a discussion on Aceclidine’s unique method of action we will share the clinical trial progress of this potential best-in-class therapy.


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LENZ Therapeutics at Eyecelerator AAO